Guarantees + Pricing = Brand?

Robert Klara in his Adweek article, For Some Retail Brands, Lifetime Guarantees Never Went Out of Fashion, discusses guarantees and their impact on branding.  One of the things that struck me is that the companies offering no-questions-asked guarantees are also … Continued

Customers Request Cheaper Alternative

Within a matter of days I heard of two companies whose customers requested a cheaper alternative.  One was Microsoft.  It reported that “Lot of people asked for better deals on our digital marketplace [Xbox One games].” The second, a colleague, … Continued

Changing Prices, Changing Value?

A newscast reported that some companies are changing prices as often as 5,000 times a day. Why are they doing this? How well is it working? More importantly, what implications does it have for your business? Theory Why are some … Continued

Price and Profit

A January 9, 2014 Washington Post/Associated Press article, Retailers of all stripes sing holiday blues, states that seven retailers have cut fourth quarter profit expectations. The article goes on to say that “Retailers discounted early and often to get shoppers … Continued