Price Wars: Market Saturation or Innovation Implosion?

The telecom industry is embarking upon a price war as noted in a recent Barron’s article, Verizon Offers Best Value to Investors Amid Telecom Price Wars. Typically price wars begin because the companies in an industry are experiencing slowing revenue … Continued

A Tale of Two Pricing Strategies

Imagine two companies. One touts the results the customer can expect and charges premium prices, the other touts its low prices. Which one wins? The two companies are Verizon and Sprint. Verizon’s premium prices allowed it to build one of … Continued

Outgrown Your Market?

When you’ve become the best of the best… …what do you do next? I’ve recently begun working with a gentleman who has reached the pinnacle of his profession and finds it unfulfilling. He still enjoys his work; it’s the market … Continued