Higher Prices = Lost Customers?

That’s a common belief among business owners. Is it true? That isn’t the case for Ron Ameln, the owner and publisher of St. Louis Small Business Monthly.  Here’s what he said.  “I told my advisory board that I wanted to … Continued

Reduce Risk, Increase Prices

When you lower your customers’ risk… …they’ll reward you with higher prices. Jane Porter, in a May 23, 2011 article for Entrepreneur, highlighted the great comeback story of GovernmentAuctions.org.  What can we learn from this incredible story?

When Is a Reward Not a Reward?

A Lesson from Panera Bread Co. In my February 28, 2011 post, Buying Customer Loyalty, I railed against reward programs.  One restaurant chain, Panera Bread, has proven my point via the type of rewards it offers.  Yes, I have a … Continued

Hyundai's Buyer Safety Net

Real protection… …or another marketing gimmick? Hyundai recently announced a trade-in guarantee.  Buyers of a new Hyundai will know immediately what trade-in value they’ll receive on their next purchase.  Sounds great.  Is it as good as it sounds?  Let’s see.