Is Expansion on Your Horizon?

Should it be? I was listening to a company’s CEO/founder relate her company’s rise to success, warts and all, when she stated that when they hit $3 million in revenue they had to buy additional equipment to handle the demand.  … Continued

When Is a Reward Not a Reward?

A Lesson from Panera Bread Co. In my February 28, 2011 post, Buying Customer Loyalty, I railed against reward programs.  One restaurant chain, Panera Bread, has proven my point via the type of rewards it offers.  Yes, I have a … Continued

Hyundai's Buyer Safety Net

Real protection… …or another marketing gimmick? Hyundai recently announced a trade-in guarantee.  Buyers of a new Hyundai will know immediately what trade-in value they’ll receive on their next purchase.  Sounds great.  Is it as good as it sounds?  Let’s see.

And They Think They Won?

In a June 3, 2011 article in Booz & Co’s strategy + business entitled “A Sweet Victory”, Reed Holden and Mark Burton highlight Hershey’s victory over Nestle in the Krackel vs. Crunch war.