Walmart Rebranding?

Are Walmart’s steak ads early signs of a rebranding?  I’ve been a long-time critic of Walmart’s low-price strategy so it’s only fair that I recognize them for what they’re doing well if they are, indeed, rebranding. Here are some takeaways … Continued

Segmentation and Complexity

I believe that most business people when asked “Does tailoring your offering to the specific needs of your customer add value?” would answer with a resounding “Yes!”  Instinctively we know that customers are happier when they feel that their specific … Continued

Panera’s Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

A Washington Post article, Panera’s pay-as-you-go pricing experiment failed.  Here’s how they could fix it., cites Panera’s well-intentioned efforts to increase awareness of food insecurity and provide food for the needy. Certainly these are worthy goals and I applaud Panera’s … Continued

Focus Blindness: The Discounting of Value

Why is it that so many businesses under value their offerings and over value their competitors’ offerings?  What’s that?  You don’t do that?  Then why are you pricing your offerings at, or below, the industry average?