‘Sudden’ Interest In Everyday Low Prices

An article by Ely Portillo in the CharlotteObserver.com indicates that Lowe’s is the latest company to try everyday low prices.  This comes on the heels of ‘failed’ attempts by Macy’s a few years back and, more recently, JCPenney’s.  The obvious … Continued

JCP Spurring Macy’s Profitability?

In his August 8, 2012 New York Post article, Macy’s profit climbs 16%, James Covert states “[Macy’s] Profit rose 16% as the New York-based retailer continued to lure away shoppers confused by Penney’s new pricing strategy under CEO Ron Johnson.”  … Continued

Market Driven Pricing

A May 9, 2012 Bloomberg Businessweek article, Macy’s 1Q profit jumps 38 percent, attributes the company’s success to its ability to tailor its fashions to local markets.  This kind of insight often elicits a “duh” response, yet I can’t help … Continued