Customers Only Care About Price

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If you’re discounting to retain market share… …quoting Dr. Phil, “How’s that workin’ for ya?” “I can’t raise prices, the only thing that buyers care about is the price.” That’s the refrain I hear from audience after audience of business leaders … Continued

Are You Confusing the Market?

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Pricing is one element of the buying experience. Does your pricing enhance or diminish your buyer’s experience? Has this ever happened to you? You’ve found a stain on your favorite dress; the one that has people using words like “drop-dead … Continued

Discounting In Off Season?

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Good strategy? Or slippery slope? In one of my earlier blogs I dealt with the folly of discounting during peak selling season. I guess it was inevitable that I was asked “What about the off season? Is it all right … Continued

What Is Price?

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Ridiculous question… …or thought-provoking insight? Ted Gorski, Executive Coach and host of The Business Advantage Radio Show at WKXL 1450AM, asked me that question a few weeks ago in an interview that aired on his show.

Pricing: An Added Convenience?

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If you haven’t looked at pricing as a way of adding convenience… …maybe you should. One of my clients, a horse trainer who specializes in training horses and riders to win hunter/jumper events, offered a full array of services including: