What Is Price?

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Ridiculous question… …or thought-provoking insight? Ted Gorski, Executive Coach and host of The Business Advantage Radio Show at WKXL 1450AM, asked me that question a few weeks ago in an interview that aired on his show.

Greatness: Accelerating the Recovery – Part III

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Part III: Stimulating Job Growth Through Innovation Great companies are contrarians by nature. They distinguish themselves by going against conventional wisdom.  They do not succumb to external pressures. They hold to their values during good times and bad. That’s what … Continued

Greatness: Accelerating the Recovery – Part II

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Part II: Narrowing Your Focus Your organization can’t be great if you try to serve too broad a market. With every new market you target you run the risk of diluting your offerings. No where does this become more obvious … Continued

Greatness: The Key to Accelerating Recovery – Part I

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Part I: Dispelling the Pricing Myth Greatness is not measured by what we do in good times, but how we respond to challenging times. You can ascertain the greatness of your organization by comparing your actions during this, the most … Continued