Qualify in 5 minutes or less
Stop wasting time with people who won’t buy from you.

Sales dilemma

Does this happen to you?  You:

  • Work hard to get the appointment.
  • Generate interest during the call.
  • Create a proposal.
  • Follow up quickly.
  • Get a lame excuse for not buying.
  • Spend hours wondering ‘What could I have done or said differently? How do I get back in the door?’

If this is happening with any frequency, you’re not using the most powerful tool available, the psychographic profile.

Demographics vs. Psychographics

Demographic profiles tell you who is buying, psychographic profiles tell you why they’re buying. Knowing why someone buys a Mercedes instead of a Hummer, BMW, Audi or Lexus allows the salesperson to, within 5 minutes or less, discern who is and who is not a viable prospect.

Sales Success

The most successful salespeople, regardless of industry, are those who reserve their time and energy for people who are likely to buy.

To learn more about how psychographic profiling can improve your close rate and increase your average ticket sale, give me a call at 314-707-3771.

Better Mktg = Quick Close
How effective marketing can increase your close rate.

Marketing’s Role

Do you want:

  • Better leads?
  • More qualified prospects?
  • Quicker conversions?
  • Higher average sales?
  • Higher margins?

Not only do psychographic profiles help you qualify prospects quickly, they help you create marketing messages that attract more of your most profitable customers. Here’s how it works.

Personal Experience

When I was selling my leadership program, my marketing message focused on the exceptional results my program had produced. I got a lot of meetings AND a lot of rejections. I discovered that the rejections were the result of talking to autocrats and paternalists instead of collaborative managers.

When I changed my marketing messages to focus, first, on what collaborative managers value and, secondarily, on the results, I began to attract the right kind of prospect. The autocrats and paternalists didn’t contact me because they thought I was an idiot. That’s good, they weren’t going to buy anyway.

Better Prospects

If you’re tired of spending time with people who won’t buy, give me a call and we’ll develop your psychographic profile AND marketing message to attract the right customers for your business. 314-707-3771.

Negotiating Power
Are you relinquishing your power to customers and prospects?


In the 25 years I’ve been in business I’ve crafted countless negotiations. One client, within 6 months of having renegotiated customer contracts, went from 2 years of losses and severe cash flow problems to having paid off two loans and money in the bank.

Another client who had agreed to a contract that later proved unprofitable, under my guidance, renegotiated the contract, returned to profitability and retained the customer even after that customer had been acquired by another company.

Regain Your Power

The problem for people negotiating their own contracts is that they see the advantages the other party has and the disadvantages they feel they have. What I do is:

  • Highlight my client’s advantages.
  • Develop their negotiating strategy.
  • Provide guidance on how to make concessions.
  • Give them the confidence to negotiate from a position of strength.

Skills, Strategy, Results

If you’d like to improve the results of your negotiations, give me a call at 314-707-3771 and you, too, can enjoy the results outlined above.