Premium prices are the byproduct of well-developed, well-implemented, counter-intuitive strategies.

Pricing Strategies

Premium price strategies go beyond establishing a price, they require:

  • A clear brand promise – something that customers value and trust.
  • A psychographic profile of your ideal customer – otherwise your marketing and sales efforts are unfocused.
  • Positioning statements that highlight what your customers value enough to pay a premium price to get.
  • Sales scripts that convert benefit statements into dollars and cents value.
  • Bundling and pricing that afford your customers options while enhancing your margins.

If you’re wondering whether developing a pricing strategy is worthwhile, check this out.

Performance Improvement Strategies
You can’t get premium pricing if you’re not delivering on the promises made in your pricing strategy. Here are some of the ways that I’ve helped customers improve their performance and enhance their customers’ satisfaction.
Counter-intuitive Strategies
These white papers debunk common pricing myths and demonstrate the folly of ‘conventional wisdom.’ The concepts in these white papers are backed with readily verifiable results from some of the most well known companies operating today. Get your copies.