Many business owners express concern that their organizations aren’t performing well enough to justify higher prices.  The reality is that there is an amazing array of simple, inexpensive, easily-implemented operating adjustments that will dramatically improve your customers’ experience and open the door to premium prices.  Here are some of the results my clients and I created:

Toxic Waste DisposalRapidly growing business was outstripping the owner's ability to handle RFPs. His challenge was finding salespeople who knew how to bid toxic waste disposal work.

I created a bidding template which enabled successful, seasoned salespeople to bid jobs without any previous industry experience.
Concrete ConstructionWithin a month of receiving 4 hours of coaching, cut billing cycle from 3 weeks to 2 days allowing them to pay off their line of credit and leave it untapped for 4 consecutive months.

A problem that had client giving up half of their change order revenues and waiting 75 days for their money was solved with a 2-paragraph memo. This memo also generated RFPs from general contractors they couldn't previously get in to see.

Adding 2 people to a 12-person crew doubled production capacity.

"In 13 years I've never had a question that Dale couldn't answer."
Bank SubsidiarySolved morale problem saving client $125,000 a year in overtime and temporary help costs.
Railroad ContratorCompany had lost money for two consecutive years and was experiencing severe cash flow problems. Within 6 months, they had paid off 2 loans and had cash in the bank.
Residential serviceStreamlining sales/bidding and back office processes raised margins from 24.8% to 41%, freed up employees' time to tackle new initiatives and identified 12.5% price improvement opportunity.
Defense ContractorImproved margins through better coordination between the estimating and engineering groups.
Plumbing Contractor"Projects that our competitors have been working on for years, we completed in a few months...Our new hires are amazed at how much we accomplish with the limited staff we maintain."
Equipment ManufacturerRedesigned sales force compensation that resulted in double-digit margin increases.
Government Agency"We have been going through the process of self-directed teams for the past two years. The concepts and tools had all been provided...but I was at a loss as to how to get over the last hurdle. Your book, presentation and counseling sessions did the trick!"
HVAC Contractor"I learn more in 2 hours about what's going on in my business, then I used to learn in a whole week."
Secondary Education"Your book, The Uniqueness Myth, has become an integral part of my high school Business Management curriculum...their ability to read, understand and present the topics has been excellent. They have also demonstrated the ability to relate the information to real world examples."


Don’t let a few operational issues get in the way of higher prices, give me a call and we’ll find simple, inexpensive, easily-implemented solutions. – Dale Furtwengler 314-707-3771.