To dramatically improve your company’s bottom line using simple, inexpensive, easy-to-implement strategies.

Here’s how I accomplish that goal:

Branding - Promise & Execution Branding - Promise & Execution

Your tag line will communicate a result, a promise of what your customers can expect.


By streamlining the bidding, sales and back office processes, I helped a client offer a more customer-friendly service while improving his margin from 24.8% to 41%.

Psychographic Profiling Psychographic Profiling
Demographics get you to the stadium, psychographics get you to your seat.

That analogy makes it easy to see how a psychographic profile of your ideal customer will help you:

  • Market more effectively on fewer dollars.
  • Attract more customers who value what you offer.
  • Improve sales force effectiveness.
  • Increase your prices and your margins.
  • Avoid profit drains.

Isn’t it time that you had a psychographic profile of your ideal customer?

Positioning Positioning
In one of my programs I ask business owners to tell the group about a service they provide for free. Then I ask the audience to describe the value they see in that service.

The owners are astounded to learn how much value they’re giving away.  I help you identify, quantify and communicate that value in ways that enable you to enjoy higher prices and even greater sales growth.

Sales Force Effectiveness Sales Force Effectiveness
Can your salespeople, within 5 questions or less, determine whether or not a prospect is a viable candidate?

They can if they’re using psychographic profiling – a profile that focuses on the values, behaviors and characteristics that define your ideal customer.  A psychographic profile enables your salespeople to:

  • Qualify prospects more quickly.
  • Get higher prices for your products and services.
  • Improve their close rates.
  • Have more time to identify opportunities within your customer base.

In addition, I’ll assure that your sales force compensation program aligns your salespeople’s goals with your company’s bottom line.

Bundling & Pricing Bundling & Pricing
Customers want choices.  The number of choices you offer, how you price them and how you present them…

…not only determine your customer’s satisfaction, they drive your

Average ticket price/Close rate/Margins

Discover how easy it is to convert the dread ‘but your price is too high’ into more sales at premium prices.

Product/Service Profitability Product/Service Profitability
When analyzing a new client’s profitability by product line/service category, I inevitably find that their greatest investment in marketing dollars and production capacity are in their least profitable lines.  Why?

Because their accounting systems aren’t set up to provide that information.  A manufacturer’s production VP was building a 60% cushion into his standard costs and the finance people didn’t have a clue.

I have the tools necessary to determine the profitability of your products and services…

…regardless of the quality of your financial information.

Negotiation Negotiation
It never ceases to amaze me how much power business owners relinquish to their counterparts in negotiations.

This is especially true when they’re are negotiating with large customers.  I help you see, quantify and communicate the value you’re overlooking.  I’ll also teach you strategies for shifting even your largest customers from an offensive posture to a defensive one.

Customer Profitability Customer Profitability
As you know, not all customers are not created equal. But how much are the really troublesome ones costing you?

The cost goes well beyond the additional time and energy you and your staff expend trying to satisfy them. They’re impacting your ability to serve your most profitable customers in ways that can generate significant sales at premium prices.

I’ll help you attract customers who value what you offer enough to pay a premium to get it.  After all, that’s the key to weaning your company off your most difficult-to-please customers. You’ll be amazed at how quickly it can happen.

There are many ways to improve your bottom line. Call me and we’ll determine the best approach for you.
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