How do I know whether your services are right for me?

There are two key elements necessary for you to enjoy premium prices:

  1. You must have a passion for excellence; you derive great joy from outperforming your competitors.
  2. You must possess the characteristics outlined below.

Passion for excellence
My clients have an insatiable desire to be the best – to be a great joy to their customers and the envy of their competitors.

I can’t help you if:

  • You’re happy with where you are. I’m happy for you, but I can’t help you.
  • Your joy comes from building a huge organization regardless of whether or not you’re making much money.
  • You believe strongly that a low-price strategy serves you and your customers well.
  • You’re happy ‘being competitive.’ You’ll resent my constant prodding to be the best.

I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t pursue those strategies if they make you happy, it simply means that we’re not a good fit for one another.

Success characteristics
My clients and I enjoy our greatest success when they possess these qualities:

  • Honest – in particular, honest with themselves about what they’re good at and where they need help.
  • Confident – confident people are more open to new ideas and make decisions more quickly.
  • Results-oriented – I care less about the results they’ve gotten, than the fact that they’ve gotten results.
  • Action-oriented – if they see or hear something that makes sense, they’re off and running with it.

If you possess all four characteristics, we’ll do some phenomenal things together. If you possess three of the four we’ll do amazing things, they just won’t be quite as dramatic. If two are missing I won’t accept you as a client because I’ll be asking you to do things that are so far outside your comfort zone you that you won’t get a return on your investment. The only thing we’d accomplish is frustrating one another. That’s not an effective use of time or energy for either of us.

What makes your approach so successful?

There are five elements required to achieve premium pricing for your products or services. If any of them are missing or incongruent, the whole strategy falls apart and your offerings become commodities in prospects’ eyes – your offerings will look exactly like your competitors’ offerings.

The five elements are:

  1. Clear brand promise – the result your customers expect.
  2. Psychographic profile – a profile of your ideal customer that explains why they buy.
  3. Positioning statement – the core marketing theme that attracts customers who value what you offer enough to pay a premium.
  4. Sales scripts – the ability to convert benefit statements into dollars and cents value for your customers.
  5. Bundling/pricing – bundles of offerings that provide options to your customers without sacrificing your margins.

I create congruency among each of these five elements which enable customers and prospects to feel comfortable doing business with you. Absent that congruency, prospects get confused. Confused prospects don’t become customers.

What if I don’t need help with all five elements?

Over the years countless companies have hired:

  • Branding consultants to help them establish their brands.
  • Marketing consultants to craft marketing messages.
  • Sales consultants to help them get in the door or improve their close rates.
  • Their accountants to assure that their pricing covers their costs.

While these are all valuable services, they don’t provide a cohesive strategy for attracting customers willing to pay premium prices for what you offer. Indeed, many of the business owners with whom I’ve spoken have expressed confusion because they were getting conflicting advice. You and I avoid that problem by using the comprehensive, five-element approach.

How long before I see results?

While I’ve had clients get results as early as the following day, the vast majority see bottom-line improvements within 60 days of the completion of our work together. They not only enjoy more sales at higher prices with less effort, they tell me that they’ve never had more fun running their business. That’s my wish for you – that running your business is fun as well as profitable.

How long does it take to create the five elements?

For established companies with employees, the work will typically be completed within 60 days depending upon the availability of the company’s leaders and employees. For very large organizations I suggest limiting the work to a division, plant or region to shorten the cycle between project inception and bottom-line result.

For solo entrepreneurs and early-stage companies, the work will be completed within two weeks depending upon the availability of the business owner(s).

I want to help you make an informed decision. If you see yourself wanting the results I provide, by all means give me a call and we’ll get those results quickly (314-707-3771). If my approach isn’t right for you, maybe you have a friend who could benefit. I’d appreciate your passing my information along to them. Regardless of your preference, I wish you all the best life has to offer. – Dale Furtwengler