Low prices strategies subvert economic growth and employment cover.pages
We live in a world in
which business leaders
and customers are
addicted to low prices.

Both are operating on the
premise that low prices
benefit everyone.

Is that true?

Is strategic pricing dead cover
Retailers bemoan customers’ instant access to price information.

B2B sellers’ price pressures
come in the form of RFPs,
reverse auctions…

Is Strategic Pricing Dead?

Competitive pricing intelligence cover.pages
Companies are spending
millions of dollars on
price intelligence and
that number is growing
every day?

Is it worth it?

Price elasticity analysis a wasted effort cover.pages
Companies using price
elasticity analysis are
trying to answer this

‘What price is going to
optimize my revenues
and profits?’

Is that the right question?

Common Pricing Errors cover.pages
Easily-implemented solutions to everyday pricing problems.

Value Chain PPS cover

Nasty things happen when a link in the value chain is broken or missing.


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